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Our team is formed by Agronomic Engineers with more than 20 years of experience in research projects, technology and applied mathematics in agricultural sciences, and commercial partnerships in Latin America. Innovation and dynamism are in our DNA! We detach for our strong technological profile that is diligent, objective and transforms the knowledge about something new into innovative products and processes for the use and occupation of tropical soils.

We have learned at the University that soils anywhere on the planet are composed of approximately 25% of air, 25% of water, 5% of organic matter and 45% of minerals (types of clay). In our day-to-day journey in the field and in the development of high-level researches, we realized that in the mineral fraction of soils, the types of clay have a great impact on management practices and on the plants response.

Some of the minerals formed in the soil, being then natural particles, are smaller than 1 millimeter divided into 1 thousand parts. The soil may be the same, the clay content may be the same (light or heavy soil), but the minerals present in the clay fraction of the soil are not the same. Thus, as the change in human DNA implies several positive and negative changes in our lives, changes in the minerals of your soil impacts in its productive potential, economic risk and environmental vulnerability.

Many neuroscientists have reported that humans probably do not exploit 100% of their brain capacity for high performance in tasks, considering different levels of attention, concentration, information processing and other functions. Similarly, in agricultural sciences, specialists in genetics and plant improvement also have reported that agricultural crops still do not express their full genetic potential. Even so, the genetic mapping of humans and plants has been transforming the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. Quanticum is democratizing access to high-level and cost-effective technology for managing smart farms based on clay typology (land DNA).

QUANTICUM is pioneer in diagnosing, mapping and recomending based on clay typology on a commercial scale in the world! Our reports, diagnoses and recommendations are based on the integration of 4 different sensors adapted, calibrated and validated for tropical soils.

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Different professionals with a single purpose:
Innovate in the sustainable management and good practices in tropical soils

Renan Gravena

Founding partner

Agronomist Engineer, Master’s degree from UNESP and PhD from USP, with international experience in large corporations in North and South America, and more than 20 years of experience in managing new business models focusing on agriculture.

Diego Siqueira


Agronomist Engineer and PhD by UNESP, Top 10 in the international ranking of magnetism applied in agriculture and Top 1% in the ranking of digital agriculture by the Innovation Portal of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Gustavo Pollo

Director of Operations

Agronomist Engineer and Master’s degree from UNESP, third generation of coffee and grains consultants, with experience in precision and digital agriculture with more than 700 clients attended.

Cristina Zayra

Agro Data Science Assistant

Trainee in the Information Technology. Graduated in Information Systems at the Federal University of Uberlândia, with experience in web development and digital marketing. Knowledge in database and machine learning techniques.

Open Innovation, Partnership Network and ODS 17:
Connections to innovate in the field with Science

We are oriented by the Innovation Law, the Legal Framework for Startups, the São Paulo Innovation Law and the Good Law

Gregório Pollo

Associated technician for bio-input projects, founder of Resolo

Augusto Pollo

Associated technician for Trade Coffee projects, founder of Pollo Cafés Especiais (Special coffee)

Yves Menon

Associated technician for sugarcane projects

Luiz Pollo

Coffee management specialist

Douglas Chiodi

Specialist in digital transformation and systems, founder of GVD Soluções

Daniel Andrade

Specialist in Citrus Plant Health

Danilo Yamane

Specialist in orange management

Marcílio Martins Filho

Scientist and specialist in soil conservation and erosion modeling of tropical environments

Alan Panosso

Scientist and expert in Agro Data Science and agricultural scenario modeling

Gener Pereira

Scientist and specialist in Agro Data Science, agricultural experimentation and geoanalysis

Eduardo Figueiredo

Scientist and specialist in soil carbon modeling and carbon balance in agricultural environments

Cristiane Simone

Specialist in sustainability, ESG and Agenda 2030, founding partner of AgroVerde

Juliana Farinelli

Specialist in sustainability, certification and governance, founding partner of AgroVerde

Lucas Jacinto

Consultant in communication and digital marketing focused on the promotion of science and technology applied to agribusiness, leader of communication of Ag.In

Andreísa Flores

Consultant in innovation management and technological habitats in agribusiness

Neri Marcante

Specialist in soils, integrated use of agrominerals, regenerative agriculture and agrogeology, founder and CEO of Mineragro R&D

Our passions: tropical soils, science and connections for innovation


Quanticum is an AgriFoodTech hybrid startup specialized in the diagnosis of soil potential based on field experience, tropical multi-sensor and advanced mathematics researches.


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